Scholarship Application Instructions

Scholarship Application (PDF) | Scholarship Application (Word)

Please complete only ONE application form!
Many of the scholarships have a specific purpose and selection criteria.
DO NOT apply for any scholarship(s) for which you do not qualify.

Deadline: March 26th, 2021 at 5:00 P.M.

ALL APPLICANTS: Complete all pages of the application and any supplemental forms/essays as required.

  • If you are a high school student, make sure a School Official/Guidance Counselor submits an official high school transcript.
  • If you have graduated from high school or have never been enrolled in college, you must attach a copy of your high school transcript.
  • If you are currently enrolled in college, you must attach a copy of your official college transcript. If you have only been enrolled for one semester, please submit whatever school record available.
  • If it is the policy of the school you attend not to give official school records to students, then these records may come directly from the school providing they arrive before the deadline. School Records not received by the deadline will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.
  • You must have three (3) Recommendation Letters. ALL Recommendations should be given to you by the writer in a sealed envelope. You should send the envelopes to Community Foundation for Rockbridge, Bath and Alleghany unopened. Do not send separately. Recommendation Letters that are sent under separate cover must arrive by the deadline or your application will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.
  • Website generated transcripts or faxed transcripts will not be accepted.


  2. Current resume. Please include your academic/scholastic activities (clubs, student government, National Honor Society, etc), sports, community activities (civic activities, clubs, volunteer work, faith activities, etc), number of years you have participated and your leadership position, letters earned, awards received, and recognitions. Please include the number of hours spent on each activity. Additionally, please include your work experience such as self-employment, employer name, nature of work, supervisory positions held, and dates employed. (Maximum 2 pages)
  3. Most recent high school transcript and/or college transcript.
  4. Three (3) Recommendation Letters in envelopes sealed by the writer. (NOTE: Review scholarship requirements listed in the Scholarship Information section of the website or your Guidance Counselors office. Some scholarships require references from specific individuals.)
  5. You must attach copies of the following: (1) the most recent federal income tax return filed by your parents as well as your own, if you were required to file. (DO NOT INCLUDE W-2 OR SCHEDULES) or (2) your Student Aid Report (SAR). Applications without these documents will not be considered.
  6. All supplemental forms and/or essays. (Refer to Pages 2-3)

***Incomplete applications and applications that arrive after the deadline will not be reviewed.***