Edward F. Turner, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Purpose: The Fund is established to fund the Edward F. Turner, Jr. Memorial Award which will honor the memory of Edward F. Turner, Jr., Ph.D. and provide a scholarship to a graduate of Rockbridge County High School.

Scholarship Advisory Committee: The Donor and her three daughters, Andrea T. Clark, Elaine T. Sears, and Paula T. Markham, will serve as the scholarship advisory committee.

Criteria: The award will be given annually to the graduate from Rockbridge County High School who achieves the highest grades for the year in Physics.

Selection Procedures: The high school’s Physics teacher will determine which student meets the above criteria and will recommend the recipient to the scholarship advisory committee. The committee will subsequently notify the Foundation. In the event of a tie in grade average, the school’s principal will appoint a committee of three teachers to make a recommendation to the Fund’s scholarship advisory committee. The scholarship advisory committee will then notify the Foundation.

Scholarship Amount: The annual award will be for a minimum of $350 and a maximum of $500.

Payment of the Award: The scholarship will be paid to the recipient to be used for educational purposes.

Renewal: A new recipient will be named each year.

Special Considerations: Each recipient will receive a special card explaining the significance of the award.