Procedures for Establishing a Fund

The Foundation’s growth and success happens in large measure because of the on-going support and involvement of the professional advisor community. Our goal is to be of service to you in any and every way we can, so please call on us as appropriate!

For your clients, establishing a fund requires only a few steps:

Deciding on the Type of Fund and Fund Purpose
The Foundation would be honored to work with you and your clients to help them carry out their charitable objectives. We can mail an information packet about the Foundation to your clients or provide you with one to share with them. We can also provide information about the many charitable giving opportunities in the community or information about specific organizations.

Constructing a Simple Fund Agreement
To proceed with putting a permanent fund in place, we simply need to know the desired name of the fund, its purpose, certain specific information – such as who the fund advisors will be if a Donor Advised Fund or selection criteria if a Scholarship Fund, and the donors’ names. We can then quickly draft a very simple two-page Fund Agreement and promptly deliver it to you and the donors to review. Once everyone is comfortable with the agreement, we will execute multiple copies so that the Foundation has an original, and either you or the donors will also have an original signed agreement.

Making the Gift
Your clients make the establishing gift on their timetable – either outright or through a deferred estate gift. The Foundation provides all the required tax receipts and documentation and thereafter reports at least annually to the donors with respect to the Fund.

Carrying out the Donor’s Intent
he fund agreement then becomes the guiding document for the Foundation as to how the Fund will be administered in perpetuity.

While the Foundation’s primary emphasis is on administering perpetual endowments, we also have the flexibility to work with your clients to help them achieve short-term charitable objectives.

We are available to help you with all aspects of the giving process. If you have questions that have not been answered in this section, contact Lori Keckler for more information.