Camp Spirit Scholarship Fund


The Camp Spirit Scholarship Fund for Camp Mont Shenandoah
with additional funding provided by the Camp Okahahwis Scholarship


The Camp Spirit Scholarship Fund of Camp Mont Shenandoah

Camp Mont Shenandoah, a traditional summer camp located in beautiful Bath County, Virginia, and one of the oldest girls’ camps in the country, was started in 1927 by Nannie West with fewer than thirty girls. Since that time, the camp has grown and developed to welcome close to 300 campers during the summer season. The camp is very fortunate to have many second, third and fourth generation girls attend as well as a high rate of returning campers, an attribute to her unique spirit.

Since its inception, the guiding principles of Camp Mont Shenandoah have been our Five Virtues of Love, Loyalty, Friendship, Sportsmanship and Spiritual Awareness, and the Twelve Laws of Woodcraft: Be Brave; Be Silent; Obey; Be Clean; Be Strong; Protect Wildlife Always; Speak True; Be Reverent; Play Fair As You Strive; Be Kind; Be Helpful; Be Glad That You Are Alive.

Traditions abound during the camp season, including the Green and Buff teams, initiation, Christmas, Songfest, Wishing Boats, Final Banquet, and the Final Honor Meet where the team with the most points accrued during the summer has the honor of carrying the ceremonial torch to Vesper Hill. At Final Honor Meet, one camper is selected by the campers and staff as “Camp Spirit,” the girl who best exemplifies the Five Virtues and Twelve Laws of Woodcraft.

Camp Mont Shenandoah continues to thrive through the remarkable love and strong commitment of her campers, staff and alumnae. The Camp Spirit Scholarship of CMS was established to honor and recognize the many lives that Camp Mont Shenandoah has touched and changed since 1927 as well as to perpetuate the value of the CMS experience.

The Camp Spirit Scholarship is a fund of the Community Foundation of Rockbridge, Bath and Alleghany (CFRBA).

Camp Okahahwis Scholarship Fund

In 2001, alumnae of Camp Okahahwis established the Camp Okahahwis Scholarship Fund to memorialize their camp (which closed in 1966), and to acknowledge and perpetuate the values instilled in them through generations of summer camp experiences. In 2017, the members of the Camp Okahahwis Scholarship committee resigned, designating their Fund’s annual spendable income for distribution to eligible young women attending Camp Mont Shenandoah. They felt strongly that Camp Mont Shenandoah and the Camp Spirit Scholarship mirrored the spirit and values they sought to perpetuate through the Camp Okahahwis Scholarship Fund.


To apply for scholarship funding for your child, please access the electronic application available on the Camp Mont Shenandoah website (, the CFRBA website (, or at the link below:

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